Simplify Day To Day Condo Management Tasks

Date Published : Nov-22-2018

Written By : Dale

Condominium managers are responsible for the day-to-day operations and planning of their condo. With the number of units per condo trending upwards and managing multiple properties becoming commonplace, even everyday tasks can become a challenge.
We take a look at the strategies and tools condo managers can use to simplify their day-to-day condominium management tasks.


Communication is at the core of all the responsibilities of a condo property manager. From handling service requests to interacting with condo residents every aspect of the job is lined with communication. In a large condo, managing all this communication is a challenge and can lead to missed emails or issues going unaddressed.
Fortunately, you can take advantage of tools which improve condo communication. These streamline communication as well as keeping them organized and manageable.
You can set up reminders to notify you automatically about progress on tasks or to keep track of communication.
Simplified communication is made easy with online capabilities. Property managers can send out individual mass emails and SMS messages online or through their phones. As well, they can update residents about important condo announcements by remotely updating lobby displays.
All the while, managers can track communication delivery results to determine the best way to reach each resident.

Centralized + Mobile Access to Condo Management Software

A crucial aspect to simplifying day-to-day condo management is increasing the ease of access to management software. Using online condo management software centralizes all the information in one secure location that you can access from anywhere.
This makes it fast, easy, and convenient to dive into condo records to manage daily activity and handle requests. It also makes it easy to share information with all necessary parties.
A property management app allows for mobile condo management. This improves access even further. You can access everything you need to run a condo right from your smartphone. For those managing multiple properties, a mobile app is a necessity.

Package Tracking

Tracking packages is an important part of condo management. Lost or missed packages are a common sources of resident complaints. Simplifying this task allows for easy receiving and pickup of packages.
Taking advantage of condo package tracking software means no more lost packages. The concierge makes a log of each package when they receive it, and again when the tenant picks it up. The tenant uses the signature pad to capture an electronic signature.
This information is easy to access at any time. So you can monitor who picked up which package and when they did it.
As well, the system can automatically email tenants when a new package arrives. So they know immediately when their package arrives. If it is not picked up, a reminder email can be sent again.


Organization is the key to simplifying any task. Being diligent with organization means you are ready for any challenge the day throws at you. As well, it means each task can flow smoothly.
From improving condo record keeping to monitoring task progress, online condo management software maintains organization. It’s easy to store and access files, records, and information.

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