Improve Your Condo Communication Management

Date Published : Oct-26-2018

Written By : Dale

Communication is the Cornerstone of Condo Management

Improving your condo communication management benefits everyone in the condo community. Residents and employees alike get higher satisfaction and quality through better communication services.

All-In-One Property Management Tools

The best property management tools to improve communication are all-in-one online services. Being all-in-one is less expensive than buying multiple systems. It also means better communication between departments. This prevents hiccups, lost information, and miscommunication.
An online system is able to implement automation with ease. Condo boards and managers can save time and money with automated property management. Automation is faster and more economical. It also results in higher-quality and more reliable processes.
Using an online all-in-one property management tool helps you:

  • Improve day-to-day life of condo residents
  • Improve your work quality
  • Improve accountability
  • Improve your work speed & capacity
  • Reduce complaints
  • Prevent loss of information/miscommunication

Key Areas To Improve Condo Communication Management

Yes, communication is pivotal in nearly all the roles of a condo property manager. We have identified some of the most common pitfalls of condo communication. And how they can be rectified with property management tools.

Visitor Registration

Accurate visitor registration and tracking are crucial for security and concierge teams. A good visitor registration app needs to be both accurate and convenient. Accuracy affects the entire usability and functionality of the system itself.
Most systems recognize the importance of accuracy to visitor registration apps. Far too often, however, they fail to see that convenience is just as important. Convenience is the difference between the visitor registration app being used or avoided.
The solution. A condo management mobile app makes features like visitor registration more convenient. The process is made easier for both the tenant and the security team. As a result, usage improves, there is less hassle for everyone, and tracking becomes more accurate. This helps to create a happier, safer condo community.

Parking Management

Managing parking can be a major headache for condos. Effectively managing visitor parking can be an especially challenging task. Limited spaces can create problems that can only be resolved through improved communication and tracking.
Problems like owners sneaking in extra vehicles and a lack of enforcement create high tensions. In most condos limited parking is available. A few users taking advantage of outdated parking management measures can inconvenience everyone.
The condo parking problems solution. Using an all-in-one digital property management tool improves your ability to monitor and enforce condo parking. It improves monitoring of vehicles coming and going. As well as who visitors are seeing, and who is using up parking spots. Internal and systematic communication automate this process for higher accuracy.
For additional parking solutions, download the complete guide to visitor parking management.

Service Requests

Improving accountability for service requests requires well-structured communication management. Miscommunication and poor tracking of requests can mean jobs get missed. The drip of a leaky sink is a constant reminder to a tenant that their service request has not been met. That means dealing with more complaints. In this scenario, the fault is typically placed at the feet of the condo manager.
An improved service request system automatically tracks service requests, repairs, and status. That means there is accountability at each level of activity. As a result, problems or delays can be identified and rectified. Using an automated system means immediate updates when an action is overdue. So you can proactively solve problems before a complaint can occur.
The solution is to manage condo service requests online. Service requests can pile up fast. An online service is best equipped to monitor large volumes of service requests. All request channels are simply managed. Updates are logged in the system automatically. And follow-up reminders are sent to ensure requests are up to date.

Communication With Residents

Being able to quickly and easily connect with residents is a key component of condo management. It is far too easy for a disconnect between residents and managers to form. Every hurdle and barrier in communication widens this gap, compounding the issue.
One common source of this disconnect is using too many property management tools. When your tools don’t work together organization suffers and miscommunications occur. An all-in-one communication platform makes communication easier and more reliable.
Another cause for concern is using outdated technology. Relying on print or home phone to communicate and relay information is slow. It is also less reliable since most people are shifting away from these communication platforms. Simply switching to texts, SMS, or email is not necessarily the right answer.
The best approach here is to allow the consumer to select how they want to be contacted. This ensures they will receive messages on their most reliable channel. A good all-in-one system will allow you to push notifications out at once that can reach all residents on their preferred platform.
An online property management tool simplifies communication connecting staff owners and tenants. It is the best option for communicating with residents. Lobby display software, online communication, and condo discussion forums are accessible and easy to use. A mobile app means you can access communication anywhere at anytime.

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