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Technological Proficiency

Welcome to our interactive Technology Assessment Tool, designed specifically for condominiums and Homeowners' Associations (HOAs). This tool helps you evaluate your community's technology infrastructure, offering tailored insights for condos and HOAs. Start by selecting your community type, answer a series of questions, and receive an instant score that reflects your technological advancement. Let's get started!


How It Works:


Select Your Community Type

Begin by choosing whether you're evaluating a high-rise condominium or a large HOA.


Answer Targeted Questions

Based on your selection, you'll be guided through a series of questions that assess various technological aspects of your community.


Receive Your Score

After completing the questions, you'll receive a score that indicates your community's technological level.


Insights and Recommendations

Along with your score, you'll gain insights into areas of strength and opportunities for improvement.

Take Technology Quiz

For High-Rise Condominiums

Explore questions tailored to the unique needs of high-rise living, covering everything from security systems to smart building management.


For Large HOAs

Navigate through questions designed to understand the technology landscape in large HOAs, including aspects like community-wide internet and green technologies.


Ready to uncover the technological potential of your community?

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Why This Assessment Matters


Identify Key Technology Gaps

Understand where your community stands in terms of technology and where you need to focus your improvement efforts.


Enhance Community Living:

Use the insights to make informed decisions that elevate the living experience and operational efficiency of your community.


Stay Ahead with Technology

Keep up with technological advancements and ensure your community remains a desirable and modern place to live.

Note: The assessment is a general guide to help you gauge your community's technological setup.
For a detailed analysis or specific recommendations, consider consulting with a technology expert specialized in community management solutions.