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Deepen your understanding of Condo Control’s property management software to better position yourself as a top professional in your field.


Optimize Your Community

Gain knowledge and put it into action increasing community engagement and overall efficiency.


Be Recognized

Earn a certificate to share on LinkedIn demonstrating your community management abilities.

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Certification courses are free for all Condo Control customers.


Condo Control Certified PM Beginner

7 Courses

This series is an introduction to the essentials of Condo Control. It will focus on the most commonly used features and provide the foundation for Intermediate and Advanced courses.


Condo Control Certified PM Intermediate

6 Courses

This series dives deeper introducing additional Condo Control features that can enhance your community. It will also focus on how to configure your workspace and feature settings.


Condo Control Certified PM Advanced

6 Courses

This series will introduce you to Condo Control’s specialty features that can advance your community’s operations. It will focus on how to setup and use these premium features.

Frequently Asked Questions

All courses are free of charge.

Condo Control Certified courses are available to all current customers. This includes property managers, board members, security staff, management companies and more.

There are several benefits to being Condo Control Certified:

  1. Increase your knowledge of our property management software.
  2. Learn how to optimize efficiency and savings in your community.
  3. Demonstrate your capability as a professional in the industry.
  4. Position yourself as a tech-savvy leader in property management.
  5. Further your career with a new skill on your resume.

Hiring a Condo Control Certified Property Manager is beneficial because:

  1. It assures excellence in community management by tec-savvy leadership.
  2. Certification indicates the property manager harnesses the full utilization of Condo Control software.
  3. The property manager uses technology to streamline operations and reduce costs.
  4. You’ll have confidence that your community is managed efficiently and is embracing modern practices.

Each certificate program consists of several courses covering key competencies like communication, compliance, and security. Each course is made up of training videos and a knowledge check.

The estimated time of completion for each certificate is:

  • Property Manager Beginner: 2.5 hours
  • Property Manager Intermediate: 2.25 hours
  • Property Manager Advanced: 2 hours

Yes. You can stop a course midway and come back to it. Our portal tracks completion allowing you to return to the exact place you left off (even if it was partway through a video).

You will receive a digital certificate of completion issued by Condo Control. The certificate can be downloaded and shared on LinkedIn or with current/potential employers.

No. The Condo Control PM certificates must be completed in sequential order starting with PM Beginner, followed by PM Intermediate, and then PM Advanced.

No. At present Condo Control Certified courses are offered in English only.

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