QuickBooks Online & Desktop

QuickBooks is the all-in-one small business accounting software.

Our integration with QuickBooks enables Condo Control to receive data from QuickBooks. Two-way sync is available with QuickBooks Online. Read More

Condo Manager

Condo Manager provides cutting-edge accounting software and custom services that make it easier to operate a condominium corporation.

We integrate by syncing resident data from Condo Manager to Condo Control in a one-way push. This means when administrators update Condo Manager, the data syncs to Condo Control. Read More


VMS provides fully integrated accounting software where all data is processed and managed in real-time.

Administrators are able to update VMS, and these updates are then reflected in Condo Control in a one-way sync. Residents can view their account balances/transaction history on Condo Control when integrated with VMS. Read More


Shiftsuite is a cloud-based accounting software. It is specifically designed for condominium accounting.

We integrate by syncing resident data from Shiftsuite to Condo Control in a one-way push. This means when updates are made in Shiftsuite, those changes are reflected in Condo Control as well. Read More


Yardi provides integrated property management software and investment management solutions for all real estate verticals.

It is a powerful accounting system that can handle data from 10,000+ units. Resident data can be updated in Yardi, and those changes are reflected in Condo Control overnight. Read More

First Service Residential Connect

FirstService Residential Connect enables residents to make payments at any time, from anywhere.

Our integration with FSR Connect provides your community with a complete accounting and property management solution. Read More


Zego helps modernize the resident experience and simplify payment processing for residential communities.

Condo Control integrates with Zego, allowing residents to take care of rent or dues online through their Condo Control accounts. Read More


Stripe is a technology company that builds economic infrastructure for the internet.

Condo Control has integrated with Stripe so that paying for amenity bookings, store purchases, recurring payments, and status certificates is even easier. When a building is connected with Stripe, owners and residents will be able to pay with their credit card. Read More


Rotessa manages secure online debit and credit payments.

Condo Control has integrated with Rotessa to offer more flexibility when it comes to online payments. Pay for amenity bookings, store purchases or set up recurring payments. Debit and credit payments are available. Read More


Intelligent Security Systems (ISS), is a leading developer of security surveillance and control systems for networked digital video and audio recording, video image pattern processing and digital data transmission.

We offer a one-way push synchronization of resident data with ISS specifically linked to visitor parking. ISS checks the resident and guest licence plate with Condo Control and decides whether to allow the vehicle into the building. ISS provides the hardware and onsite support while Condo Control provides the API integration. Read More


Proptia is a powerful, intuitive cloud-based software system that helps keep communities productive and safe.

Our integration with Proptia syncs authorizations created on Condo Control back to Proptia as visitors. Read More


ButterflyMX specializes in smartphone-based access control. Residents can receive video calls, unlock the door for guests remotely, and grant managed access for delivery couriers and service providers.

Condo Control integrates with ButterflyMX and allows admins to sync resident data via SFTP. Read More

Amazon HUB

Amazon HUB is a secure, self-service condo/apartment locker. It allows residents to manage their own packages, freeing up time for building staff. Condo Control integrates with Amazon HUB and allows admins to automatically sync resident data via SFTP. Read More


Snaile has developed technology to detect the presence of physical mail and subsequently notifies the recipient.

Snaile checks user data with Condo Control API and will notify the user about a package they have received. This is a one-way push synchronization of resident data. Read More

Parcel Port

Parcel Port is an innovative smart parcel locker solution designed to keep packages safe and organized.

Parcel Port works with Condo Control’s API and finds the recipient’s information in the system. It then notifies the resident about the package they have received.Read More

Vertical City

Vertical City is Canada's leading provider of smart residential and commercial elevator screens.

Condo Control integrates with Vertical City’s elevator screens to save you time and effort. Every building notice you post to Condo Control will automatically be displayed on the elevator screens. Read More

Pattison Outdoor

Pattison Outdoor offers the largest selection of digital networks in Canada. This includes dynamic residential display screens.

Condo Control integrates with Pattison to provide condo communities with an additional way to share news and notices with residents. Read More


BlueBox smart lockers are a state-of-the-art, secure, and efficient solution enabling contactless delivery and pick-up, 24/7 accessibility, enhanced security, customizable compartment sizes, user-friendly interface, efficient space utilization, and a customizable interface with an open API. BlueBox lockers are designed to meet customers' needs by managing daily deliveries efficiently and providing a convenient solution for all.

Bluebits develops and provides a digital-based smart locker solution called BlueBox. Read More

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