Memorable first impressions and final touches

How can developers make a lasting impression on new owners? It’s simpler than you think. Condo Control gives your company a competitive advantage.


Deliver an unmatched buyer experience as your building becomes a place to call home

With Condo Control, developers can easily transfer information and access to services. New owners have everything they need to settle in comfortably.

Seamlessly register new owners

Automate move-ins and make the experience better for everyone. If you have a welcome package, you can easily send it electronically when new owners register with Condo Control.

Manage and resolve warrantable in-suite repairs

Get moving on important repairs faster so residents aren’t stuck with a broken dishwasher or leaky faucet. Digital requests are easier to track and resolve.

Execute smooth building turnovers

Once it’s time to turn the building over to a manager or board, every contract, document and invoice you saved on Condo Control is readily available to them.

Top reasons developers choose Condo Control

Comprehensive records

Forms, invoices, and contracts can be securely saved on the cloud. All of these documents are easily transferred to owners or a manager.

Maintain an organized schedule

Use the pre-delivery inspection management system to keep an organized schedule and maintain records of completion.

Provide more value

Condo Control makes the resident experience more enjoyable by anticipating their needs ahead of time.

Boost productivity

This platform doesn’t hold you back. Developers are more efficient with this user-friendly technology.

Solidify your reputation

Keep your condo running smoothly from the start and set your community up for future success. Condo Control is happy to do the grunt work for you, so you don’t have to spend so much time organizing and double-checking documents.

Owners will be delighted that there was thought given to their experience after the building is complete. As a result, your company gets the positive recognition it deserves.

Make a big difference without spending big

Condo Control helps minimize growing pains that often accompany new buildings. While the tools and resources have a lasting impact on owners, the software does not cost a fortune. The community can keep using Condo Control indefinitely so that owners may continue to enjoy streamlined services.