To our customers:
We are here for you.

Natural disasters have swept across North America, from the Southern United States to across North and Western Canada.
They have impacted countless lives. And we want our customers to know we are here to help.

Condo Control is offering customers
in the affected area:

Unlimited text and voice for two months – giving you the freedom to stay connected with your community without worrying about overage charges.

Help identifying community members without a mobile phone on record and coordinating mobile registration.

Assistance in creating templates that can be used to communicate in the event of a disaster and through these unprecedented times.

Condo Control can assist
communities with:

Instant Emergency Alerts

Condo Control can instantly send emergency alerts and notifications to every resident in your community, sharing critical information, such as urgent disaster warnings, the need to evacuate, and instructions on how to stay safe.

Volunteer Coordination

Condo Control can help you organize community volunteers for search, clean up, and rescue efforts. Community residents who want to help can sign up directly through the app, and those in need can ask for help.

Damage Reporting

Residents can report damage to their units and common areas. Having this kind of information logged is critical for deciding how to allocate repair funds and knowing where to start with repairs.

Communication Hub

Condo Control is a central hub for residential communications. Residents, boards, and property managers can all stay connected. Keep everyone in the know with instant alerts and updates sent out through our software.

Documentation and Records

Condo Control’s software keeps essential documents, including insurance policies and emergency response plans – easily accessible to board members and property managers, safe on the cloud.

Post-Disaster Recovery

Our software can help your community keep track of recovery efforts, repair scheduling, and keep residents informed on renovation efforts and when residents can return to their units.

Community Support

Condo Control software can help your community create support groups and forums for residents to share their experiences, tips, advice, and resources with one another.