We harnessed the best of technology to create software that streamlines and automates almost every aspect of community operations.

Always evolving and changing with the needs of our customers. We use client feedback to continuously improve and expand our services.

Many of our staff were licensed property managers, security professionals and serve on boards. We understand the industry and are uniquely positioned to help you with our user-friendly, dynamic software platform and unparalleled customer support.

Origin Story

Condo Control was born from Brian Bosscher’s ingenuity and understanding of the frustrations that plague condo and HOA communities. After purchasing his own condo in 2006, Brian joined his building’s finance committee where he learned of the complexities and challenges that arise in the industry and the issues that impact boards, property managers, security and owners. It was at that time that he knew he wanted to and could help.

Looking to improve operations, the following year, Brian started volunteering on the Board of Directors as Treasurer, and then became the Board President. He witnessed first-hand the inefficiencies that were impeding the community from reaching its goals. It was this experience that inspired Brian to build a long-term solution, and Condo Control was born—with the mission to make Condo Control an integral part of successful communities by digitizing, streamlining and automating community operations.

Condo Control has 50+ skilled employees.

16+ years’ experience of reliable products and services

Since 2008, we’ve grown to a team of over 50 employees and counting.

1 million plus users

Our community management software solutions platform supports condo and HOA property management of all sizes and a diverse blend of property types.

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