Tracking Maintenance Requests

Never let another repair fall through the cracks. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

When requests come from everywhere, they can get lost anywhere

Property managers can count on receiving service requests. These requests are very important because a small issue that exists today could transform into a big repair expense next week. But residents may submit requests verbally, through email or a paper form, making it challenging for managers to stay on top of everything.

Centralize requests

Keeping track of requests is easier when you can see them all in one place. Instead of trying to organize calls, verbal requests, and emails, each request goes directly into the designated maintenance request platform. Residents can even submit requests on their own.

Automatically filter out invalid requests

It is possible to prioritize requests so that the most important issues are immediately addressed. Repairs that are the responsibility of the resident can be filtered out using auto-responses. This alleviates the need for management to filter through invalid requests.

Access complete equipment history online

For equipment and components, preschedule maintenance repairs. Upload orders and receipts directly to maintenance activities instead of manually archiving these items. You’ll have a complete equipment history all in one place.