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Guards check-in authorized visitors by inspecting their ID and signing them in

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Visitors will not be allowed to enter if they are not authorized, increasing security

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Update permissions online at anytime

Enter all relevant information online, from anywhere, for security and concierge to access

Using our online authorization feature, residents are able to leave specific instructions to Security and concierge on who they want to grant access to their suite. If a resident is away but is expecting a contractor, family member, cleaner or other visitors they are able to send instructions to the concierge from anywhere with an internet connection.

Have the option to revise and revoke an authorization at any time

We give residents full control over the people they want and don’t want in their units. Not everyone trying to gain access to a unit has the authority to do so, that’s why we give residents the ability to deny access to certain people. Residents are also able to revoke access to someone who they have previously given access to.

The security guard records the identification details for the individual before letting them into their unit

There is also a section for the security guard to give a brief description of the person entering the unit, along with their identification information like licenses or other credentials. This ensures that that only someone with the correct credentials can enter a unit. This prevents people from entering your unit under false pretences.

When the authorized person is ready to leave, the guard locks the unit and records it

Guards are also able to record when someone who they gave authority to enter the unit leaves the unit. Each activity is recorded so that the guard can go through the unit file and check the last person they gave authority to enter the unit. This helps in situations where a guard needs to troubleshoot an issue or use the authorization record as a reference.

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