See the small details and the big picture

Condo Control keeps property managers organized so that they can prioritize and manage tasks, drive efficiencies and lower costs.

Find what you need when you need it

Board members will appreciate how easy it is to locate key financial and administrative documents on Condo Control. Real-time reports allow them to track the status of maintenance issues and tasks.

Choose the communication channels that work best for you

Reach recipients using a variety of communication methods. Messages and information flow between parties instead of getting stuck in someone’s inbox.

Residents get the option to do more for themselves

Residents get their own online portals where they can access information, amenities, and services on their own. Happier residents lead to happier, more engaged communities.

Reliable Software Inspired By Real Feedback

A Comprehensive Support System For Every User

Reputable industry leaders and advisors recognize Condo Control for our outstanding solutions and exceptional customer support. Our team is always happy to answer questions or make tailored recommendations so that you get the most out of Condo Control. We also have dedicated onboarding specialists, helpful user guides and tutorials just for residents, and an online community forum for board members and property managers. When we say we’re here to help, we really mean it. Learn More...

Success Stories

Hear success stories from happy board members and property managers.

Enhancing Operational Efficiency and Transparency 

Lake Royal Apartments, a self-managed 55 unit building, faced significant operational inefficiencies due to reliance on manual processes. The introduction of Condo Control software has brought about

Reducing delinquent payments and costs with Condo Control

Diamondhead Lake achieved a 40% efficiency increase, 10% cost cut, and reduced delinquent payments by 15%.

Leading a large self managed HOA with condo control

A large-scale, self-managed HOA, switched to Condo Control because the old software systems that the staff were using were underperforming, forcing them to work harder. Not only did Condo Control exceed the team’s expectations, but the association ended up saving thousands of dollars.