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Track an unlimited amount of keys

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The system keeps track of who released what key and to whom

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Review verified identification in the system before checking out a key

Track the date and time a key was loaned and returned

Most properties track keys using conventional methods like sign out sheets or “word of mouth.” But it's easy to misplace a sheet or forget who you loan the keys to with those methods. Our key tracking feature solves that problem. Our online property key tracking feature enables you to track the precise date and time a key was loaned or returned.

Incorporate details for precise key tracking

No more losing track of your keys or forgetting who you’ve loaned your keys to. With our online key tracking, you can track exactly what person or company you have loaned your keys to. Whether it’s a resident, contractor, cleaners, superintendent or a real estate agent you will never lose track of who has your keys again.

Notes or comments about the reason for loaning the key

There are many reasons why a resident or security guard would need to lend a key out. Whatever the reason is, our key tracking feature gives you the ability to add a note or comment. You can add as many details as you want to explain the reason for lending out the key. If a situation arises where an explanation is needed, you’ll be ready.

Reports showing all activity, either by key or by date range

In a situation where a key is misused or misplaced, our key tracking feature allows you to check all activities for that specific key. You are also able to track an unlimited number of keys without any restrictions. Get rid of the clutter caused by traditional paper logs and try our revolutionary online key tracking feature.

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