Keeping Documents and Resident Information Safe and Accessible

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You have better things to do than look for a document

Associations produce hundreds of documents every year, and many of those records must be archived. But even the most organized people will have a tough time locating meeting minutes or a contract in a cabinet full of manila folders. Valuable time is wasted searching for documents or making new forms, and sometimes, tasks and responsibilities are neglected because paperwork is not in order.

Keep information secure and organized

Centralize and organize documents with the help of Condo Control. You can find exactly what you need in seconds using the document storage space. It is secure but accessible, and it is available to every Condo Control user, including residents. However, admins have the ability to control permissions so that sensitive material is only visible to specific individuals such as board members.

Find documents on any device

Forms commonly used by associations are premade on Condo Control. This makes it easier for everyone to submit, update and close requests or tasks. Since they are digital, staff can always retrieve documents from any device.

Better than your average resident database

Management can find resident information just as quickly. By creating a digital database , you can connect assets, violations and so much more to each resident with just a few clicks. Associations are required to keep records of residents; why not use that information to better serve them as well.

Speed up slow processes

When a resident is ready to leave, associations need to ensure that person has covered outstanding fees. This is the purpose of sending a legally binding status certificate/estoppel letter. These documents are time sensitive though, so management must act quickly if the document is to be mailed to the recipient. Condo Control makes it possible to speed up and simplify the entire process by permitting parties to pay for and deliver certificates or letters online. By digitizing the process, costs and wait times are reduced.