Software that does more than you expect

How can one software system transform an entire association? It’s simpler than you think. Condo Control works overtime so that board members can make better use of their time.


Making smoother community operations a top priority

With Condo Control, board members can have the information they need to ensure projects are on track and on budget.

Complete collaborative work online

With a space to manage tasks, boards can complete projects in less time.

Improve your association’s cash flow

Payments made through Condo Control get to your association’s bank account faster.

Give your team access to key data

Board members can easily see if responsibilities are being handled properly or if adjustments are needed.

Top reasons board members choose Condo Control

Accessible documents

Find the item you need from any location

Engaged community

With easy access to information, members can be more proactive

Simple maintenance tracking

Never miss another maintenance issue

Standardized rule enforcement

Practice fair and consistent rule enforcement

Streamlined processes that work for everyone

Condo Control serves everyone in your community, including board members, staff and residents. You don’t have to be tech-savvy to use Condo Control.

Since it is a cloud-based platform, Condo Control gives you the option to access tools and documents from the office, from home, or anywhere else you may be.

Numbers and analytics are more important than ever. They help community leaders understand things like how quickly violations have been resolved, how many people showed up to the annual meeting, or how many board tasks are still open. See what’s happening in real time. Key metrics are always available and reports can be modified so that you only see the information you need.

Set higher standards, see better results

Implement consistency in everything you do. From sending out reminders about meetings to responding to architectural change requests, be more consistent with the help of Condo Control. When owners know what to expect, they’re more likely to follow processes.

When you don’t have to devote all of your time to repetitive manual tasks, you get more time to focus on high-value work. Condo Control takes care of the grunt work so that you can focus on projects that will have a positive long-term impact on your community.