Managing Rentals

Work with your residents to make short-term rentals simple and safe xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Short-term rentals can be polarizing

Why do communities dislike short-term rental arrangements? Usually, it’s because of safety or accountability issues. Plus, it can be difficult to enforce short-term rental rules when no one knows where or when these stays are occurring.

Get the details you need to confidently manage guests

Associations can confidently manage short-term rentals using Condo Control’s online system. Our short-term rental feature makes it easy for management to oversee when temporary guests intend to arrive and depart. Guests also receive welcome letters that are automatically scheduled to go out right before a stay begins. Any important information about checking in, community rules, or parking is delivered to the guests before they arrive so that they can have the most enjoyable experience possible.

Improve communication between staff and guests

If staff need to contact the renter at any point during their stay, they can retrieve contact information directly from the guest registration form.

Implement a system that keeps everyone safe

Some condos may permit concierge to release keys to guests. Keys can be tracked and managed with accuracy using our key tracking solution. By maintaining a digital record with predetermined fields, crucial information about the key loan is captured and available for any authorized staff to see. If there is a problem or a key goes missing, there will be a clear record of who had it last.