Managing Amenity Usage

A fast and practical system for managing amenities

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Why have amenities if no one is using them

Whether they use the gym once a year or five times a week, owners must pay for amenities in their communities. So why not make the booking process simpler?

Residents can self-serve, staff save time

Condo Control allows residents to book amenities all by themselves. Not only does this simplify the process for them, but it reduces some repetitive admin work for staff, too. Admins can create time slots and capacity limits for each amenity so that spaces do not become too overcrowded during peak usage times.

Increase usage and generate more revenue

When it comes to amenities that require an extra fee, such as clubhouses or guest suites, your association can generate more income from them if they are easy to book. Eliminate the need for cashier’s checks by giving owners the option to make payments with a credit or debit card.