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Reach more residents faster, crucial in times of emergency

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Send announcements to specific groups or the entire community

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Compose one notice that can be sent via a variety of communication methods

Increase your reach and improve communication

Create announcements and share them using a combination of mass communication methods including email, text, voice, and digital bulletin board. Use one of our announcement templates or make your own announcement to update and remind residents of important events or procedures happening within the community.

Save money on printing and mailing

Sending announcements electronically greatly reduces the time, money and resources required to print and deliver announcements door-to-door.

Track delivery results

Track and review all delivery results by the method of communication. Analyze which is the best communication method for your community to enhance engagement. Review bounced deliveries and reach out to residents to obtain updated contact details.

Schedule announcements

Schedule announcements to be released at a specific time and date. Plan ahead for upcoming events or continue regular communications even when on vacation.

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