Creating safer communities using simple software

A smartphone is all you need to equip your team with dependable security solutions. Condo Control standardizes and simplifies security processes, allowing security staff to perform at a higher level.


Concierge staff can excel instead of struggle

With Condo Control, security and concierge companies can successfully meet the needs of their clients without having to bring on more staff members.

Minimal training required

Condo Control’s security module is so simple that most actions can be completed using a smartphone.

Critical data is always documented

Staff simply fill in the blanks to complete security logs, incident reports, and more. This way, key information is never left out.

Residents are happier and safer

With systems for managing packages, visitors and guest parking, residents get the service they want, and concierge can keep up.

Top reasons security companies choose Condo Control

Standardized security patrols

Schedule upcoming or recurring patrols for guards. When checkpoints are scanned, the date and time are automatically logged.

Comprehensive records

Staff can attach notes and photos to reports. This can be helpful in legal or criminal matters.

Improved accountability

It’s easy to run reports that show clients how well your team has performed.

Organized visitor parking

Implement a fair and consistent visitor parking system for guests.

Create stability for every shift

Condo Control makes it possible for security companies to reduce the time and resources needed to provide safe, efficient, and affordable security services.

The cloud technology offers dependable solutions that you can use to maximize efficiency, increase productivity, and reduce costs. The app is extremely user friendly and your staff will be eager to use it.

A barrier-free experience

The last thing security and concierge teams need are more problems to figure out. Condo Control is intuitively designed so that staff can seamlessly engage with the platform. From scanning multiple packages into the system to scanning patrol checkpoints without wifi, Condo Control makes it easier for staff to complete their jobs on time.