Build a stronger,
more connected
condo community

How can one platform transform an entire condominium? It’s simpler than you think. Condo Control’s intuitive software was specifically designed to improve and streamline communications, security and record-keeping.


A user-friendly management system that caters to your community

Our software tackles the issues that slow down productivity and take away from the resident

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Conquer day-to-day operations, prepare for the future

Keep your condo running smoothly and set your community up for future success. The platform is happy to do the grunt work for you, so you don’t have to spend so much time organizing and doublechecking documents.

The cloud-based software gives you the option to access your work from the office, from home or anywhere else you may be. Condo Control allows you to scale services and operations while being conscious of your budget.

Use real information to make data-driven improvements and changes to take your condo to the next level. Reports generated by the software system are extremely valuable in preparing for future plans and projects. See what’s happening across your portfolio in real time. Key metrics, like open service requests and top amenities, are always available and reports can be modified so that you only see the metrics you need.

Robust features, outstanding customer support

Our team excels in creating software that is simple and useful. Our goal is to help you and your community resolve the recurring issues that slow you down, not create more problems for you to figure out.

We value the utility of technology, but we also appreciate the importance of human connections. Our support team is happy to talk to you if you’ve ever got a question or suggestion for us. In fact, many of our new features are inspired by feedback from our clients.

We’ve been providing condo communities with a reliable, easy-to-use platform for over 12 years, and have a 93% retention rate, one of the highest in the industry. Whether you care for a small community or several large buildings, we’re here to help you manage your properties with less stress and more control.

Connect with every resident in seconds

Instantly send emails, text messages and even automated voice messages directly from Condo Control to residents. You can choose when messages are sent out, and who will receive them. Maintain good communication and establish greater transparency, even with owners who don’t live onsite.

Managers can easily modify processes and permissions

Condo Control helps communities be more self-sufficient. Management can decide weather residents can book amenities with or without final approval. Similarly, it’s possible to give just board members access to certain folders or documents. Create better experiences that work for your entire community.

Features that cater to all roles and needs

Condo living is all about convenience. Condo Control is intuitively designed so that staff, board members and residents can seamlessly engage with the platform. We’ve made sure that the platform is simple; anyone can use it. Plans are flexible and customizable depending on your needs.

Elevate customer service and gain a competitive edge

Condo Control makes the resident experience more enjoyable by addressing visitor parking, package tracking, service requests, and all of the other things that frustrate residents. Best of all, since you don’t have to spend time resolving these issues, you can focus on improving your services and growing your business.

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Get it done with Condo Control

Mass Communications

Send notices, messages, and alerts to just the board, or the entire building.

Share Files And Forms

Upload and organize forms, meeting minutes, governing documents, and more.

Reports & Analytics

Review and analyze real data and make more informed decisions for the community.

Electronic Consent

Save money on printing and mailing costs by sending legal documents electronically.

Resident Portal

Residents can review their personal data, book amenities, and submit service requests on their own.

Manage Violations

Log, update and close violations in seconds. Customize violation types and letters.

Share Events

Create and send digital invitations and encourage residents to attend events happening in the building.

Vendor Portal

A simpler way to maintain relationships with valuable vendors.

Work From Anywhere

The Condo Control mobile app gives you the ability to access the platform on the go.

Give your residents the freedom to do more for themselves while saving your management team time and money. Connect with Condo Control today to learn more.