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Send, track and manage violations online

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Send notices, set due dates, and allow residents to pay violation fees

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Run reports on violations by unit, status, or type

Effectively send, track, and resolve violations

Condo Control’s Violation Tracking feature gives you the ability to stay on top of all violations that occur in your community. Management can create as many different types of violations as they need for their property and can control who can administer violations. Violations can be marked as open, pending, or closed. Everything is done online which means you do not have to work with paper reports. You also have the option to print off violations to send to residents.

Create unlimited violation templates to reuse or use our preload templates

You have the option to take different actions depending on the number or the type of violation that was committed. If this is the first offense, you may decide to give the resident a verbal warning. This action can still be documented on our platform. if the offense has been committed more than once, you can send a formal electronic notice with an online payment option if a fine has been issued. The system automatically keeps track of how many violations are registered to a unit.

Residents can view details, respond to notices, add files, and pay violation fees online

Residents will receive a detailed violation notice, and they can view all information from their online portal. If they have questions or concerns about the notice, they can easily write a response to management and even attach files to provide additional details within the system. Management is notified of the response once it has been sent. If there is a fine for the violation residents can pay online.

Create and manage violations from your phone

Log new violations or follow up on outstanding issues while you patrol your community. Users can access this feature from their mobile phones. Take advantage of geotracking to see where you are in real time, and which homes or units near you have outstanding violations to take care of. Violations displayed on the interactive map are color-coded, making it easy to identify ones that are past due.

Analyze reports to identify violations that occur most frequently

Create customized reports to identify violation trends that would be difficult to spot using paper reports. Share these results with your team and use the information to design a plan that will reduce future violations from occurring.

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