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Review trends, patterns and seasonality to better operations

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Filter reports by time period, group and much more

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Export reports to a various number of file types

Standard reports categorized by feature

By default, the system provides a large variety of insightful reports to choose from. These reports are categorized by feature for easy access. Running any one of these standard reports will instantly help make sense of information stored in the system.

Analyze data to determine trends

Analyze real data inputted in the system to determine trends and seasonality. Reports generated by the system are extremely valuable in preparing for future projects. For example, if you find that there is a large increase in incident reports regarding slips and falls during winter months this is a good indication that this is an issue that needs to be a focus for this season.

Create visually appealing reports to help build business cases

We all know visuals help tell a story or in this instance a business case. Your community may need help determining what projects need to be worked on and their associated priority. Providing data visuals to stakeholders helps justify business cases and recommendations which move projects along faster.

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