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Patrol locations throughout your property

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Report a problem instantly

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Syncs straight to the security dashboard in real time

Create routes and interactive checkpoints around your premises

Place heavy-duty NFC enabled tokens at key locations around your property and create routes. Customize each route to your security needs. Security staff complete a route by scanning each token with their smartphone.

Lodge an incident report on the spot

If a guard needs to lodge an incident report during their scheduled patrol they can scan the token and create an incident report instantly. They can upload images and write a detailed description while at the location. This eliminates unnecessary back and forth.

Schedule and notify security staff of upcoming patrol

Administrators set up scheduled patrol times. These can be made recurring daily, weekly, monthly etc. Notification of an upcoming patrol is visible on the security and concierge dashboard. The system will record whether a scheduled patrol has been completed or missed.

Security patrol details

Each security patrol undertaken by the guard will automatically generate a report of outlining all details pertaining to that patrol. This includes the patrol start and finish times, who completed the patrol, which route was checked and much more. This information is also emailed to the required administrators and provides complete transparency.

What makes our software different?

    Cloud-based Solution:  Our platforms syncs to the cloud, no need to install a desktop software

    Email Notifications: Get email or text notifications when a patrol is missed

    Affordable Hardware: All you need is a simple android phone that supports NFC (which most phones do) and inexpensive NFC checkpoints that you can purchase, or we’ll provide them

    Offline Mode: If there isn’t a network connection the app will scan and store the patrols then sync to the cloud once it gets connected to the internet

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