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Upload high-resolution images of your community, and showcase them in a gallery

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Get a customized domain name for easy searchability

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Websites are responsive across mobile, desktop, and all other devices.

Establish your unique brand identity

Condo Control builds attractive, high-functioning websites for condos, HOAs, and property management companies. Each website is created by an expert developer or you can use our easy to use website builder to bring your vision to life. We help put the spotlight on your community or business to show what makes them unique while creating a centralized location for your residents.

Promote your community to prospective buyers and residents

Attract qualified buyers and tenants by giving them the information they need to make an informed choice. Share the best of your community using real stories and photos, and entice them to become a part of your neighbourhood. Property management companies can also display their portfolio to show board members their track record and experience.

Provide an exceptional user experience

Our team will ensure your website is responsive, fast, and compliant with all requirements. All the websites we build are hosted on a secure, reliable server, meaning your information is always safe and accessible. Owners and residents can also register and login through your public website to gain easy access to the Condo Control portal. From here, they will be able to use the system to submit service requests, book amenities, and more.

Keep owners up-to-date with current information

We’ve made it easy to change and update photos and information. Boards and managers can make edits quickly and easily so that owners and residents always have access to the most current information about their community. We take great care to ensure your website is up to date, so it will always look and feel modern.

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