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Building stronger condo communities in New York

We love New York for all the same reasons you do. The magnetic energy, the breathtaking architecture and of course the exceptional people make New York one of the greatest places in the world. It is a cultural and economic hub, and millions of people are proud to call it home.

New York has experienced modest population growth since 2010, but new housing completions have increased quite a bit every year since 2012. Between 2010 and 2017, 140,800 new housing units were completed in NYC, and there are hundreds of additional condos and coops that are still in the works.

Someone is going to have to manage these properties, and that is no easy job. We have a deep understanding of all the unique challenges that come with operating a condo, and we’ve opened an office in NYC so that we can support all of the property managers, boards and residents who are looking for solutions to resolve their condo issues.

Condo Control is New York’s leading condo management software. Our platform is incredibly customizable, intuitive and robust. It is the ideal management tool for busy condos. We have a collection of features designed to improve communication, security, community engagement, record keeping, and more.

We build our software around our clients’ wants and needs. We use their genuine feedback to create the solutions they require and improve our current products. If they ever experience any difficulties with the software, they know that our team is available to help. We want to ensure our clients enjoy continued success with Condo Control, which is why we’re committed to providing personalized, reliable customer service to every resident and staff.