Maintaining Good Communication

Fast, flexible and efficient communication for the entire community xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Poor communication has costly consequence

Regardless of the communication issue, the outcomes are generally the same. Residents are unhappy, management is scrambling to fix problems and board members can’t move forward with business.

Multiple communication channels

Condo Control specializes in improving communication for condo and HOA communities by allowing boards and managers to send information and announcements through a variety of channels. If your community has a lobby screen or tv in the elevator, notices can be posted there too so that even residents who don’t have email get your message.

Considerate of budgets

Not only can announcements be delivered instantly, but it is a more cost-effective way to reach residents. Plus, old messages can be archived so that important items are always available.

Get valuable feedback

We understand the importance of two-way communication and encouraging residents to share their concerns and ideas. They can have their say without having to leave home by attending virtual meetings or participating in surveys. See what your residents are thinking and feeling without having to speak with all of them one on one

Eliminate uncertainty

Boards and property managers can also erase uncertainty and bolster productivity when tasks are assigned and updated digitally. By keeping all parties on the same page, there is little need to go back and forth about who should be doing what.