Give residents a reason to love where they live

Equip residents with tools that let them enjoy their community to the fullest. Condo Control keeps them engaged and happy.


Connecting residents to their community

With Condo Control, residents get their own secure account and can do more for themselves.

Self-serve options

Admins can customize permissions so that residents can book amenities, submit service requests, secure visitor parking, etc., all on their own.

Ability to use the platform at any time

Residents can use Condo Control 24/7, meaning they can submit a new request or review documents outside of office hours.

Barrier-free access to information

The Condo Control mobile app gives residents the freedom to make payments or review the latest announcements from anywhere.

Top reasons residents enjoy Condo Control

Sense of community

With an events calendar and forum for community discussions, residents can be more involved and get acquainted with their neighbours.

Easier access to facilities

Booking popular amenities takes seconds instead of days.

Payment flexibility

It’s easier to pay for fees and amenities online, and residents may even decide to set up autopayments.

Better communication

Residents get important messages and notices right away.

One platform for all your needs

Condo Control lets residents do everything from one platform. There’s no need to download different apps for different services. A simple technology encourages residents to use it often.

A win-win setup

Managers and staff save time since residents are able to do more for themselves. This gives them the opportunity to focus on bigger problems and projects.