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A time-efficient online process to help you vet and manage vendors

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Store up-to-date records of vendor compliance documents

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Seamlessly make payments once jobs are complete

Customize vendor profiles and requirements

Condo Control’s vendor management feature allows managers to mitigate reputation risk. Vendors complete detailed profiles so that you have all the information you need before starting a project with a new company. Add custom fields and require vendors to fill out key information such as insurance details and tax ID numbers. Approve, deny and delete vendors, and rate your favourite companies so that you can find them quickly the next time you need them.

Create and manage invoices

This feature has an accounts payable section where you can create, review and update vendor invoices. View important statistics such as the total monthly dollar value of invoices, how many invoices are pending approval, and how many are past due. You have the option to send invoices to other admins for approval if necessary.

Automate the process of updating compliance documents

Admins will automatically receive an email about expiring compliance documents one month ahead of time. Vendors will also receive an email before their documents expire. Documents can be updated by both parties.

A cost-effective solution

Condo Control’s vendor management portal is free to management companies. There is no limit to the number of vendors that can be registered on the platform. Vendors also benefit from this system. Once registered, they can invite their team members to create their own private accounts on Condo Control at no extra charge.

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