Optimizing Security in the Community

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Manual processes aren’t working for concierge teams

Security is a top priority for every residential community. However, security and concierge staff are being asked to do more than monitor guests. When they are expected to log packages, issue parking passes, investigate incidents and escort contracts to units, the responsibilities become too much for one person.

Minimize errors and inconsistencies

Automating concierge and security tasks is not only efficient, but it allows concierge staff to perform at a higher level while prioritizing safety. Condo Control standardizes processes such as completing security logs and releasing keys so that staff don’t need to take notes by hand or second guess what type of information they need to take down.

Conquer package pileups

Put an end to parking wars and package pile-ups while cutting down on the time it takes to manage these tasks. Concierge staff keep residents happy and have complete control over the visitor parking area. When it comes to deliveries , staff simply need to scan a bar code. Residents are notified automatically, drastically reducing the workload for the front desk.

Quick and reliable access control

Access control is a big asset for condo communities, and there are multiple levels of security that buildings can apply with Condo Control. Use ID badges for quick and reliable resident verification. People can even store their badges on their phones instead of having to carry around another card.

Combine your favorite security systems

Integrations allow management to combine trusted access control systems with the Condo Control platform. By integrating software, staff only have to enter and update data once, and changes are automatically reflected on the other program.

More impactful patrols

Finally, a reliable guard tour system increases accountability and simplifies patrols. Staff only need a smartphone and the Condo Control app to scan tags, and the system takes care of the rest. Patrols can even be completed without wifi, making it possible for managers to create routes in parking garages, stairwells and rooftops.