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The concierge logs all new packages in the system as they are received

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Recipients automatically receive an email alerting them to a new package

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Administrators can track both incoming and outgoing packages

When packages are picked up, security guards can update the record again so that the full details are there for reference

Our integrated online package tracking software enables security personnel to log the exact time and date a package arrives, and when it gets picked up by a resident. This simplifies the process of tracking a package once it arrives at your property and improving communication between security personnel, especially during a shift change.

Guards can easily search for packages based on delivery date, recipient, or other details

Instead of digging through sheets or searching through every package, with package tracking you can check if you have received the package by searching through the database. You can easily search through the database using criteria’s like the date the package was delivered, which security personnel received the package and a few other details.

If packages are not picked up, guards are able to send reminder emails

Most residents are eager to receive their package, and although our integrated online package tracking software will automatically send an email alert to the resident, sometimes they forget about their items. Our tracking feature allows guards to easily send a pickup reminder to the resident.

Capture signatures electronically (using our signature pad)

It can be difficult to track who signed for a package, especially when trying to find that information on an old form. Digital signature pads transform this process. We give residents and guards the ability to digitally sign for a package using the electronic signature pad. When a guard needs to check who signed for a package, they can now easily search the database.

Download our Package Tracking Guide