Managing Visitors

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Condos shouldn’t have to choose between convenience and safety

Condo buildings receive all sorts of guests, and balancing safety with convenience isn’t always as straightforward as it should be.

Reduce workload while increasing security

Condo Control gives condo communities better control over guest management. Residents may be granted the ability to register guests and secure visitor parking ahead of time, reducing the workload for concierge. This also provides the building with a record of who has been on the property.

Elevate guest services

High-end communities also have the option of providing a valet parking service to guests. Vehicles can be requested through Condo Control ahead so that the car is ready when it’s time for a visitor to leave.

Make it easy for staff to verify guests

If visitors require keys to a unit or facility, concierge has a place to document who took the key so that there is never confusion about when or why a key was released. And, to make it easier for staff to verify that a guest has permission to enter a unit, residents can authorize visitors ahead of time through their own Condo Control account. Residents can even share a photo of the guest so that there is no confusion or uncertainty about who should be granted entry.