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Keep track of every community event on one calendar

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Customize events and include details about each occasion

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Attach posters, photos or other files to events

Send digital invitations

Create and send digital invitations and encourage residents to attend events happening in your community. Attach professionally designed posters or cards while also providing a snapshot of the basic details of the upcoming event.

Schedule reminders

Hosts have the option to send out automatic reminders to attendees 24 hours prior to the start of an event. Reminders encourage greater event attendance and can be scheduled simply by marking a checkbox when creating the event.

Create an unlimited number of events

There are no limits on the number of events you can schedule. Plan one-off events or recurring events such as your AGM, monthly board meetings, social events and event major maintenance activities like fire alarm testing.

Create events catered to specific groups

The events feature gives you the ability to keep an event private. Invite a specific group of members and create an event calendar just for them.

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