Fostering Community Engagement

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It’s tough to get people to participate when they’ve already got a lot going on

It can be hard to get community members to care about elections or social events when they’ve already got so much going on in their personal lives. But the more engaged members are, the more they will care about their association.

Automate event reminders

Condo Control provides owners and residents with resources that keep them informed and connected to the community. The events calendar lets event organizers share scheduled maintenance, meetings and social events with all members or select recipients. Attendees also get reminders before an event begins so that they don’t forget about it.

Create a safe sharing space for residents

Private discussion forums that are only accessible to residents and admins give members a platform to share concerns and ideas. They may also get to know other people who live in their community. This can be an excellent way to get input from people who don’t normally attend organized meetings.

Increase votes even if attendance is low

For those who want to participate in important association decisions but cannot cast their ballot in person, e-voting is an attractive alternative. Votes may be submitted before the meeting, making it possible for associations to reach quorum even if in-person attendance is low.

Save money and speed up response times

Finally, associations are more likely to have important packages and documents reviewed and returned if recipients get them electronically. In most cases, owners can receive mail and communications electronically provided they give their written consent to the associations. Having owners provide e-consent allows key documents to be delivered right away, and this process drastically reduces paper and mailing costs. Management can also see who has opened a form or letter, and can follow up with those who have not signed and returned forms. Communities can participate in online proxy voting when they allow owners to fill out consent forms.