Property Manager’s Guide: Connecting Staff, Owners & Tenants

Date Published : Oct-26-2018

Written By : Kim Brown

Connecting and maintaining an engaged condo community is one of the most sought after talents in a property manager. Condo living can be fantastic for residents who find a community they fit in with, it can also become a nightmare when the community, board and/or building are at odds.
The most common complaints stem from miscommunication, or a lack of clear communication, between management and condo residents. This then upsets the delicate balance between the condo community and property staff.

“Communication: the imparting or exchanging of news or a means of connection between people, places or things.”

Implementing condo management technology can prevent many of these situations by streamlining the property management process. It allows for greater accountability and better communication resulting in less work required to fulfill routine tasks.

Improved Communication with Condo Owners/Tenants & Staff

Clear, consistent communication promotes a strong sense of community and encourages condo residents, owners, property staff, and condo board to work together as a whole.
Using technology to co-ordinate property admin tasks, organize important building files and documents, or schedule automatic building announcements saves time and makes sure nothing is overlooked. This gives you more time to focus on what matters: owners, residents and the property.
It also creates an accessible 2-way channel between the condo community and property staff. Residents can submit service requests with ease, staff can send out events or notifications via an auto mailing list, and a custom website communicates with everyone offering both individual and community access.
Condo management software is secure, and accessible on both Android and iOS mobile, tablet or desktop for ease of use for both residents and staff. Accessibility across any device makes it easy to keep everyone informed and up-to-date about what is happening around the condo building at all times. You can “set and forget” announcements, which can be scheduled and made for you.

Reduce Building Complaints with Great Communication

A good condo management solution will also keep track of and record everything for you. Packages, repairs, parking and more, building trust in your staff’s abilities. With online access to condo amenities and information, residents maintain their sense of ownership.
Tracking all building activity and notifications in one place allows for better condo community relations, eliminating common resident complaints such as with condo repairs. Often information is relayed from the condo resident to the staff-on-duty and then the repairman, creating confusion or misunderstanding.
Implementing condo management software ensures both management and residents are on the same page and needs are always met. Providing easy access and convenience-based features lets condo owners/residents know they matter, making it less likely they will become upset or complain.
If there are any resident questions or complaints, the ability to post in an open community discussion forum, or report the problem to the property management 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via the condo’s custom community site and/or private message ensures any issue is resolved quickly and no matter goes unattended.

Cultivate a Proactive Condo Community

Streamlining and organizing all notifications, announcements and condo communications in one place gives the community a strong, unified sense of ownership.
Customized discussion boards create an open culture, where condo owners/residents can have conversations with property management, the board, each other. This creates an even stronger feeling of unity.
These discussion forums can also be used to plan and promote condo events, resident-to-resident notifications, and other condo activities. If there is a delay in repairs to the lobby, or the electrician is coming in to install new lighting in the hallways for example, staff can also communicate these updates to residents quickly and easily.

I still don’t know if this kind of technology is right for me…

According toRealtor Mag, many condo investors and property managers consider condo management technology an invaluable resource when it comes to owning multiple properties and coordinating staff and resident needs efficiently.
When considering whether investing in condo management software is right for you, look at the numbers realistically. To create a true value comparison, work out the number of hours you will save by automating and organizing building processes and tasks versus the cost of property management software implementation.

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