Mobile Condo Management: Why You Need It Now

Date Published : Oct-26-2018

Written By : Dale

Property management is a changing industry. The role of the condo manager has evolved in recent years to be much more demanding and involved. As the roles change, so to does the technology.
Today, mobile property management apps are a necessity for condo managers. Especially for those managing multiple condos.
We explore some of the benefits that make mobile condo management crucial to your business.

Why you need a mobile condo management app

Keeping up with property management in the digital age is getting easier thanks to improvements in technology. Online property management is faster, more efficient, and more reliable. This is thanks to automation, eased communication, and ease of use/access. With a mobile property management app, all of these benefits are available at your fingertips.
Here are a few of the top reasons to get a property management app:

Mobile property management improves usability

Mobile apps are intuitive to use and greatly improve ease of access. This increases usage among both property managers and condo residents. Usage is the most important factor in implementing any new technology. Having more people adopt the technology faster means you see a return on your investment sooner. That makes the expense a better sell to managers, board members, and residents.

Improved accessibility with cloud storage

At work or on the go, the condo property management app gives you access anytime, anyplace. The mobile app, just like the online all-in-one condo platform, syncs automatically with the cloud. That means that the mobile app is always up-to-date with the latest condo information and events. Reports can be created and reviewed remotely with consistent formatting and convenient templates. Managers receive automatic push notifications when reports are logged or updated. This means remote and third-party operators stay in the loop and can work more effectively.

Go paperless with mobile property management

Going paperless is one of the hottest trends in condo management. It’s more profitable, more efficient, more user-friendly, and greener. It’s no wonder condos are choosing to work smarter with paperless condo management. Faster processes, better organization, and improved communication mean your condo can run smoother by going paperless.

Improve communication with a mobile app

When it comes to modern communication, the smartphone is king. With access to all forms of apps, messaging, and communication tools, smartphones are where the conversation happens. With the Condo Control Central property management app, you can pull up information on residents and units quickly. Allowing you to contact residents by phone or email with a tap of the finger.
Announcements can be made immediately and on the go with your mobile phone. Post important notifications automatically to lobby displays. The ability for instant, multi-channel communication allows mobile property management to connect staff, owners and tenants effectively.

Ease amenity bookings and management

Amenities are important to condo owners and buyers, but far too often they go underutilized. Easing the booking process increases usage, which improves owner satisfaction. The ability to book amenities through the mobile app and paying for deposits through Stripe makes the process much easier for residents. This means increased amenity usage.
In addition to easing the process for residents, this also makes things more manageable for admins. Administrators are able to manage bookings or create bookings on behalf of others.

Service requests

Service requests are an important aspect of condo management. Lost or mismanaged requests lead to complaints and unhappy tenants. Mobile property management apps help to improve the quality and tracking of service requests.
By using their phone, tenants can attach images to their requests, allowing them to clarify the issue. The system tracks the status of the request, updating it once the request has been serviced. Notifications are pushed out if the request falls behind.

Getting started with mobile property management

As property management continues to evolve, condo managers are coming to rely more on new technologies. Mobile property management apps are integral to the future of condo management. The integration of mobile into your all-in-one property management software makes it more usable and efficient. Request a quote today!

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