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Date Published : Oct-26-2018

Written By : Dale

It is well known that the daily operations of most condos rely on condo managers. What most people don’t realize is how common it is for condo managers to manage multiple properties. Keeping a condo running and well-maintained is expensive.
As a result, managing multiple properties is part of the evolving role of a condo property manager. They must manage finances, conflicts, communications, and more across a number of properties. Fortunately, they can rely on condo property management software to do so effectively.

How To Manage Condos Off-Site

You can’t be everywhere at once, but you can have everything all in one place. Utilize online property management tools to track all your information in one central location. That way, you can manage condos off-site without missing a beat.

Keep Everything In One Place

One of the biggest mistakes made in managing multiple properties is using multiple management platforms. Using software that connects all your managed condos in one place keeps things simple and organized.
This limits confusion and time lost switching from one program to another. Little details don’t slip through the cracks and you aren’t overwhelmed by constant updates from a variety of software programs.
Using a single platform helps you simplify property management. All your processes are the same across every property. This also reduces the amount of time spent on training. It’s easier to get a complete understanding of how to use a system and all of its benefits when you use a single system. This way you get the most out of your condo management software.

Compare the Condos You Manage

One of the benefits of managing multiple condos is that you have the ability to compare and contrast. You can learn from each property and ultimately manage expectations.
For example, compare how long it takes for each condo to fulfil service requests. Finding relative delays at any given stage allows you to identify opportunities to improve. You may find that it consistently takes longer for a contractor to react to a request or complete the service than at other properties. In this case, it’s probably time to look for another contractor. Resolving service requests faster improves the satisfaction of the condo community.
The ability to better compare condos is another benefit of having all your properties managed on one platform. It ensures that all measurements are done the same for more accurate comparisons.

Use Online Condo Management Tools

Online tools are the future of condo management, especially for multiple properties. The ability to access all of your properties online means you can be just as efficient working offsite as on.
Being able to access key condo information from anywhere makes you agile and responsive. You can respond to requests immediately, manage bookings and maintenance, and accept payments, all without having to travel from one location to another.
For the best accessibility, seek out software with a mobile condo management app. This allows you to access everything, even on the go. You never have to feel chained to a desk or worry about missing key information.

Automate Property Management Tasks

Automation is one of the biggest trends in technology today. Forward-thinking condos are adopting automated management software. This allows managers to reduce manual tasks, so they can work off-site effectively. As a result, it becomes simpler to manage multiple properties.
In addition to improving the capability of managing multiple condo properties, automation also makes management more efficient. Condo managers save time and money with automation. It removes tedious, time-consuming tasks.
With multiple properties, paperwork and manual tasks pile up fast. Automation reduces the workload so you can stop being overwhelmed by paperwork. This frees up more of your time so you can focus on the needs of condo owners and residents.
Automation also helps to simplify managing multiple condominiums. You can set up reminders and scheduling updates to send automatically. This prevents mix-ups between condos, and helps to maintain organization.
Take advantage of automation to improve time management and increase efficiency.

Keeping Multiple Condos Organized

Organization is one of the biggest challenges in managing condominiums. The difficulty compounds with multiple properties. It’s already a balance to juggle residents, maintenance, staff, repairs, and more. The more buildings you manage, the more difficult this balancing act becomes.
It’s far too easy for things to get lost in the shuffle. Notes written down on papers get lost, misplaced or forgotten. But switching to paperless condo management software resolves these problems. You can even set up notification or reminders to check in on the status of requests. This way you never lose track of important notices again. 
Another organizational benefit is searchability. The best condo management software solutions keep searchability front of mind. Everything is logged into the system, from service request progress to borrowed keys, so it’s easy to access and find exactly the information you’re looking for – no matter how many condo properties you have in the system.
It’s not just managers who benefit from organizational software. The smooth operations and clear organization improve the daily lives and comforts of condo residents. And the ability to track maintenance requests online gives them the confidence that their needs matter and are being addressed. Even apartments are adding property management software to keep residents happy.

Keep On The Pulse

Working on-site makes it a whole lot easier to stay in the loop with the condo community. But when managing multiple properties, you can’t be there all the time. Fortunately, you can leverage software to keep on the pulse.
With property management software, setting up a condo website is easy. A website allows you to create an online condo discussion forum. These forums keep you in the loop, allowing you to monitor what the condo owners and residents are discussing.
Create meaningful discussion topics to get clear opinions and thoughts from owners. This makes it easy to recognize and respond to any issues or opportunities at each condo property you manage.
You can set custom permissions requiring moderation for comments. This helps to create a sort of “crowd control” for forums, keeping conversations on topic, helpful and appropriate. Consider setting up an email alert for new posts so you can stay up-to-date.

Condo Communication Tools

Communication is essential to condo management. Take advantage of software tools to improve condo communication management. This allows you to maintain effective communication no matter where you are.
You can push important information and security alerts to lobby display boards right from your smartphone. For direct resident communications, you can allow users to select their preferred communication method. The automated software allows them to pick between email and SMS texts, and automatically sends to their preference. This way, they won’t miss an important message.
Good communication helps to create a safer, happier condo community.

Get the Best Software for Managing Multiple Properties

Condo Control Central specializes in the specific needs of condominiums. We design our software with the clear purpose of providing greater value to condo residents, managers, and boards. Our ongoing updates and training serve to improve the ability to manage single or multiple condo properties.
To get the best condo management software, contact us today!

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