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Date Published : Oct-26-2018

Written By : Dale

Are you getting the most out of your online property management software?

A recap of property management tools that simplify management tasks -Common misuses, tips, and tools that may be underused.

Property management software is developed and kept up to date in order to improve the effectiveness of daily tasks, and overall, to make our lives simple while improving condo management – from communication to record keeping, security, and more. Property management software includes tools that save time and money, providing condo managers, owners, and board members with automated resources that make their tasks more efficient and effective, especially when they are on the go. Unfortunately, when technology allows so many resourceful tools, we often overlook a few things, or underuse certain tools just because we are used to doing things the old way and in the process, we underestimate the amount of time we are spending by doing that – all of which is easily preventable. Here are some of the top online property management tools that simplify management tasks, along with tips to maximize use and avoid common misuses.

Digitized Communication

Property management software makes communication easy by offering access to real-time information, including the option to send service requests, announcements and updates online, saving time and money. Residents, owners, board members, and managers receive the information faster, which is especially crucial when the announcement is time sensitive, and the best part… it tracks delivery results! The announcements can even be scheduled for a future date, which is convenient, especially when sending reminders.

Another great communication tool is access to a forum where all users can communicate. Unfortunately, this is one of the most underused tools. We highly recommend that users give it a try if they want to share a message with their condo owners or residents, or even if they have suggestions to improve amenities, etc.

Announcement Tips:
When possible, always include announcements on the body of the message instead of as an attachment. If sending a PDF attachment is necessary, add a quick message to the email stating that there is an attachment.

Before sending messages to “Groups and Units”, ensure that groups are setup correctly and that they have up to date information on new residents, board members, and owners. Always remember to remove information of users who are no longer associated with the condo.

Amenity Booking

Amenity booking is a tool that is available to all parties, from condo managers to board members, owners, and residents. It allows users to check amenity availability, book, or change dates. This is a tool that could be underused if residents and owners are not made fully aware of its availability and capability, and sometimes, they are also intimidated by the new technology.

Tip: Use the available training, which also happens to be an amazing tool, to make the most out of your property management software. Our owner/tenant user guide can ensure that they are made aware of the tools available and how to use them in order to maximize their benefits as owners or tenants. Overall, even for management and board members, a few minutes of training/support, can save you hours a week, just with a few clicks on a screen – and you don’t even have to be in your condo to make that happen!

Record Keeping

Property management software facilitates better management of records, providing tools that securely allow users to track purchase orders, maintenance repairs and upgrades, and it includes a tool to setup lists of suppliers.

In addition to that, it facilitates electronic consent, streamlining proxy voting, and keeping track of which owners have given electronic consent. It also allows users the capability to view and store important documents and who can view them.

Security & Concierge

Security and concierge features allow residents and owners the convenience of checking in visitors, tracking packages, tracking information on incident reports, and more.

Security guards can keep a record of who picked up a package, search package by specific information, such as delivery date, and send reminder emails if the package is not picked up. When it comes to visitors, owners and residents are able to give or revoke authorizations for deliveries, repairs, or family members and friends, increasing property safety.

Property Management software can make everyone’s daily routine more effective – saving time and money while improving communication, convenience, and safety.  The best property management software will give you all the tools you need through training and support, in order to ensure that management, board members, owners, and residents maximize the benefits of using all available tools.  

Make the most of user-friendly and highly efficient condo management software, simplifying and improving the effectiveness of daily tasks. Watch a demo to see what Condo Control Central has to offer, or request a quote today!

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