Strata councils: Everything you need to know

A strata council plays a vital role in governing the strata corporation on behalf of owners. It is responsible for making decisions and fulfilling responsibilities that will benefit the corporation and the community.  Council members are granted certain powers that enable them to perform their duties, but they can’t improvise as they go. Over 1.5 […]

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Condo turnover meetings

Before the meeting When the developer starts a new condo project, they create and control the first board of directors for the development. Depending on the state or province, there may be a time limit by which the developer must appoint an interim board after the condo plan has been registered. The names and addresses […]

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HOA committee charters

HOA committees can be incredibly helpful to boards, and the HOA as a whole. A well-organized committee can shorten the long-to-do list for busy board members, and build a more productive and cohesive community. However, it’s important for HOAs to only create committees that are needed. Each committee must have a clear and defined purpose, […]

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Ready for the worst: Disaster preparedness for HOAs

Furious wildfires are destroying large swathes of California, Oregon, and other parts of the western United States. Dozens of people have died and thousands have been forced from their homes. The US National Interagency Fire Center has reported that firefighters are battling more than 100 large wildfires across the western U.S., with higher-than-normal levels of […]

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Condos Can Manage Mail Deliveries With Ease Using CCC And Snaile

Groceries, laptops, shoes, gifts, and even toilet paper. You can have it all delivered directly to your condo. Online shopping has become incredibly popular, and condo dwellers may take advantage of this option more so than others because many of them do not own a vehicle. In 2018, an estimated 1.8 billion people worldwide purchased goods online, […]

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How to manage short-term rentals in your condo community

Short-term rentals can be a very contentious issue within condo communities. Some owners are thrilled about the idea of renting out their units for a weekend to make a little extra cash, while others hate the idea of having strangers constantly coming in and out of their building.It is true that guests usually don’t have […]

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