How Software Improves HOA Reserve Fund Management in 2024

Some HOAs still manually manage finances for their reserve fund. Tediously entering numbers into their excel sheets and trying to reconcile tens of thousands of dollars to produce an accurate reserve fund report. It’s a dated approach to a continually evolving financial HOA environment. Did you know in the USA, HOA reserves have totaled over […]

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Homeowners association reserve study guide

A reserve fund is like a nest-egg for associations. Every HOA needs ones for unexpected events and major expenses. The money invested in this fund comes from owners’ monthly fees, which are split between the operating budget and the reserve fund. The money put into the reserve fund accumulates over time so that when the […]

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How HOAs Safely Invest Reserve Funds for Growth

The Homeowners Association (HOA) reserve fund is often seen as a safety cushion to be used for unforeseen expenses that arise for major repairs, capital improvements and maintenance in shared community areas, however, this fund has untapped investment potential. With the average HOA fee per homeowner being $200-$300/month multiplied by 365,000  HOA communities in the […]

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5 Key Strategies to Bolster Your HOA Reserve Fund: Everyone Benefits 

Keeping HOA reserve funds strong is a must for the longevity of shared community living. Therefore, the HOA reserve fund is a lifeline that ensures the community’s well-being in the face of unforeseen challenges.   HOAs are stewards of billions of dollars. In fact, reserve funds used for repair, replacement and enhancement of common property totaled […]

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Top 7 Tips for Reserve Fund Management: and How You Can Increase It

Financially secure homeowner associations (HOAs) don’t just happen.  When HOAs are financially secure it’s because HOA board members apply sound financial judgement to reserve fund management using the tools and information available to them.    It’s easy for reserve funds to dip down when rising costs for materials, maintenance, and even legal costs are an ever-imposing […]

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How to Navigate HOA Legal Requirements: What Board Members Need to Know 

Homeowners Associations (HOAs) are held accountable not only by the wants and needs of its community members, but are also governed by statutes:  Additionally, HOAs have their own covenants, conditions, and restrictions (CC&Rs) they must abide by.  Because HOAs are responsible for so many things ranging from financial management to repairs and upkeep and beyond, […]

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Ensuring Long-Term Sustainability: Best Practices for HOA Reserve Funds

Are you on the HOA community board, ready to champion the cause of maintaining reserve funds? It’s a noble task, but let’s be honest—it’s no walk in the park. It takes commitment and a set of best practices to guarantee the long-term sustainability of your HOA reserve funds, especially when the unexpected comes knocking.  Join […]

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