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Date Published : Oct-26-2018

Written By : Dale

Condo management companies are going paperless. And it’s not just making them greener, it’s making them more efficient and more profitable.
Condo management has long been an industry that is paper-dependent. Faxes, invoices, reports, and endless filing meant heavy paperwork. It also meant a lot of time spent filing, sorting, and finding documents. Today, paperless is becoming standard with services offering property management in the digital age.

How to go Paperless With Condo Property Management

The key to getting your property management company paperless is to get the right tools in the right hands. That means getting tenants, owners, and property managers all using the same platform. The technology should be accessible to improve usage and prevent reliance on paper.

Online Residential Property Management Software

Going paperless is the best way to simplify property management. Taking advantage of software will help you manage and automate tasks. To make the best use of this technology, an all-in-one condo management platform is required.
Having separate systems for communication, record keeping, and security/concierge leads to confusion. By using online all-in-one software these properties work harmoniously. Improving communication throughout the network, increasing ease of access, and streamlining processes.

Mobile Property Management App

Accessibility is one of the most important elements of going paperless. To get everyone using the system, the process needs to be easy and more convenient for the end user.
Offering access through a mobile property management app puts the condo community right at your fingertips. With easy access to announcements, bookings, service requests, and more, a mobile app increases usage.
For residential property management, this is especially useful when managing multiple condos. The condos can be managed anywhere, anytime with an on-the-go app.

Online Store for Condos

An online store for condos makes purchases convenient, secure, and paperless. This is great for the condo manager as the online system can better track inventory and purchases. For the customer, it is a faster, and easier way of meeting their condo needs.
Condo owners can use their credit card for secure purchases via your online store. Common necessities like unit keys, FOBs, and HVAC filters can be purchased and sold with ease.

Benefits of Paperless Condo Management

Going paperless isn’t a trend, it’s the new way of doing business. Paperless is the better way of managing condos. It allows users to simplify property management for a better experience, higher ROI, and efficiency.

Going Paperless is Greener

Social and environmental responsibility matters to today’s consumer. Over half the global population prefer companies with a green reputation – even if it costs them more. The younger the age group, the more important a company’s social and environmental responsibility is.
Right now, the largest group of condo buyers are millennials. So sustainable practices are important to your growing tenant-base. Green practices aren’t just good for the planet’s future, but for your company’s future as well.

Going Paperless Saves Time & Money

Paperless residential property management software saves time and money. Paperless platforms allow for automation. This streamlines processes and removes lengthy manual tasks. That means minimizing errors and reducing required manpower and hours. A smaller team can manage more properties effectively and affordably.
Cloud-storage means no more sorting through filing cabinets. All information can be tracked, shared, and retrieved with ease. The role of the property manager is assisted through online platforms. With all documentation available online and easily accessed, less time is lost on tedious manual tasks. Property managers can get more done in less time, saving their companies time and money.

Going Paperless Improves Communication

Communication is essential in managing condo properties. Using an online property management service creates better communication. It is an important tool for connecting staff, owners, and tenants. A mobile app and easy usage make it easy to send and receive messages and notifications.
Accountability is improved as tasks and requests can be tracked. Complaints about lost packages become a thing of the past. When a package is received it is logged and the tenant receives a notification. The pickup is then logged as well. If it is not picked up a reminder is sent. All of this is automated, so nothing can be lost or forgotten.
Events, bookings, notifications, and scheduling are all readily accessible. This means the condo community always knows what’s going on. Condo websites and forums can even be set up through the platform to better engage the community.

Paperless is a Better User Experience

Online condo platforms are more intuitive and user-friendly. That means processes run smoother for tenants, owners, and managers alike. Having a better experience means happier users and better usage. So you get more out of your investment in paperless technology.
Additionally, this means reducing complaints and higher overall satisfaction. A paperless condo community is a happy condo community.

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