Property Management In The Digital Age

Date Published : Oct-26-2018

Written By : Dale

Adapting to Property Management in 2019

The condo industry is booming in the digital era. New buildings, new technology, and a new generation of tenants have been introduced. The best commercial property management comes from teams that have adapted to the modern age.
The evolution of property management software is making it easier to adapt to the digital age. The key to success in 2017 property management is in making better use of technologies. This article will teach you what features will help you adapt and excel in condo management.

Integrative Technology

Upgrading your old property management software used to mean hardware installs that could be lengthy and expensive. Implementing software that integrates with existing technology, or requires minimal installs will save you time and money. It also prepares you for the future.
As new technologies and market needs emerge, your software will require updates. Using an integrative platform means these updates can be performed quickly and without physical installation. It also makes for simplified training. Training time is reduced, as you will not need to continually learn new interfaces at each update. As well training can be done through online courses if that is more convenient than in-person training.

All-In-One Software

Demands for condominium management capabilities seem to grow each year. As a result, more and more tools are needed. An overload of tools is expensive and inefficient.
The best property management software are all-in-one tools with all the management features needed. Having communication, record keeping, and security & concierge software on one system means fewer tools need to be bought and trained on. It makes it easier to manage processes.
One of the biggest benefits is that it prevents communication errors. With everything on one platform information is easier to save, find, and communicate. It is a better user experience that reduces time and prevents headaches.

Property Management Announcement

Enabling Better Communication

One of the most important elements of condo property management is communication. Property management is a two-way conversation. The best communication software increases usage from managers and tenants alike.
An online system makes communication easy and online. A public website and online condo discussion forum will provide a valuable place to notify, monitor, and communicate with your tenants.
A public website for community access lets your tenants find information themselves. This is better user experience for them and reduces the number of queries you need to respond to. Creating a community access website saves you, and your tenants, time.
An online discussion forum allows your residents to have moderated discussions. Discover what topics are important to your condo community.
Using software that allows for managing condo service requests online benefits management and clients. Residents can request services quickly and conveniently, as well as being sure that their request has been received. For property managers, it is easy to see the status of service requests as progress can be tracked and followed up on.
Another important aspect of communication for modern community management is announcements. Managing condo announcements online eases communication with your condo community. Residents can be reached faster through their preferred methods including voice, text, and email. Notifications can even be sent online to digital lobby displays for general information.

Accessibility & Mobile Use

One of the core components of property management in 2017 is accessibility. Everything is about making the required information easier for you and your condo community to use. Accessible systems get more usage, so you get the most value out of your software.
The use of a property management app for mobile is one of the best ways to improve accessibility. It makes it possible to monitor or respond to needs no matter where you are. The Condo Control mobile app allows for announcements, service requests, amenity bookings, visitor registration, security console and unit file right on your phone. You are able to access all of your software’s information from your phone. Contact residents by phone or email, and pull up unit & resident information with a tap.

Book Ammenities Mobile

Your condo residents can use the mobile app for their own convenience as well. Booking amenities, for example, can be done right on the app, and secure payments can be made by credit card. This makes bookings, quick to make, and easy to manage.

Improved Tracking

The ability to track and monitor is important to condo management, communication, record keeping, and security. It makes everyone’s jobs and lives run a little smoother.
Lost or missed packages can be a frustrating part of condo life, especially during busy periods like the Christmas season. Package tracking software for condos is the solution. This software notifies the resident that their package has been received. The system logs the arrival and the pick up of the parcel. Package tracking keeps receiving packages organized and manageable.
Lost key cards can be resolved quickly. Lost keys can be a hassle, but with key tracking software checked out keys can be tracked down, right from the concierge desk. Find all information on who borrowed the keys and the activity log.
Take advantage of tracking to better manage condominium properties. Improve security, client satisfaction, access to records, and information.

Get the Best Property Management Software for Condos

The best property management software for condos will get you up to speed with condo management in 2017.
Improve security measures with improved:

  • Trackings
  • Logs
  • Permissions
  • Incident reporting

Enhance record keeping with convenient:

  • Maintenance tracking
  • Amenity booking
  • An online store
  • Status & task tracking

Achieve better communication with:

  • Community website
  • Online condo discussion forums
  • Online service requests
  • Announcements
  • File library
  • Events calendar

Adapt to today’s Condo management needs. Ask for a custom demo to see how Condo Control prepares you for the future of property management, or contact us for a quote.

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