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Residents can create visitor and parking passes for their guests

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Service requests can be created and updated directly through the kiosk

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The hardware is user-friendly and perfect for residents who don’t have a laptop

Visitors can gain authorization to enter the building, even if concierge is not at the front desk

Security or concierge is often responsible for ensuring visitors have permission to enter the building, but this responsibility can be tedious and prevent them from attending to their other tasks. Our self-service kiosk allows guests to obtain permission to enter the building directly from the resident or owner. Residents can also create guest and parking passes for their visitors using the kiosk.

Residents can do more for themselves

Make a payment, see which packages have arrived, submit or update a service request. Our kiosk gives residents the power to do all of this and more by themselves. To access these features, they simply have to use one of our secure verification features, and their phone, to demonstrate that they are registered owners or tenants.

Keep your community informed and strengthen communication

Building announcements can be shared to the kiosk so residents never miss any important news, even if they don’t have email. Busy tenants can take a quick look at new announcements on their way to work, during the weekend, or whenever they have time

The kiosk can be installed in a high traffic area to best serve visitors and residents

Sleek yet durable, the kiosk can be installed in the lobby, management office or anywhere that residents and visitors can easily access it. Personal information will never be revealed to anyone other than the user who is authorized to see it. Our security features ensure only registered owners and residents can see their own personal details.

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