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Track the purchase of products and services from external suppliers

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Retain suppliers' contact details securely online

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Remove all manual paperwork

Make changes to purchase order then send them to suppliers directly online

No need to manually call, or visit a supplier when a change is made to an order. Our purchase order feature makes it easy to make changes to an order. The supplier automatically gets updated regarding any changes that were made to an order. Property managers can also download, copy or view invoices through their online portal.

Set up a list of preferred suppliers; new suppliers can be added at any time

Tired of the paperwork that goes into setting up purchase orders? With our streamline purchase order solution, you set up and ad new suppliers easily. Our purchase order software gives property managers the ability to save time and effort by bringing the entire purchase order process online. You can easily give your suppliers different rating so you could sort by favourites when you want to make an order.

A notification will be sent to all approvers

Get full control over the approval process for purchase orders and keep everyone in the loop informed during the process. Our purchase order solution will send a notification to all parties that are involved in the approval process. They will have the option to approve, decline or ask more questions regarding the purchase orders.

Once it has been approved, it is emailed to the supplier for review

We help property managers stay on top of all their purchase orders, as well as keep your suppliers in the loop. Once the purchase orders have been approved, our software will send out a notification to the suppliers. Our purchase order software helps everyone involved in the process stay on the same page and avoid any confusion.

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