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Complies with provincial/state Condominium Acts

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Monitor how many online and in-person proxy votes are cast through a single dashboard

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Schedule automatic reminders for owners

Gather votes before meetings from owners via proxy online

Condo owners can still have their say, even if they are unable to attend an important meeting to cast their vote. Using our proxy voting feature, owners can seamlessly delegate their vote to another owner without filling out physical paperwork. Standard consent forms will ask owners to provide the correct information. The online proxy voting feature is also 100% complaint with the Condominium Act.

Store all responses securely online

All information stored on our server is safe and secure. Management can control who is authorized to administer proxy votes, and who can access completed proxy votes. Voters can send their responses securely from their mobile phones, desktop or any device that connects to the internet.

Monitor votes in real-time through a statistics dashboard

No need to anxiously wait for the meeting to find out if you will receive enough votes to reach a quorum. Management has the option to monitor proxy submissions on our real-time statistics dashboard. They can view the statistic from any desktop, mobile or tablet. Enter your next meeting with confidence knowing that you’ll achieve quorum on the first attempt.

Send reminders via email, text or voice to enhance voter participation

Condo owners sometimes forget to participate in voting because of their busy schedules. Increase voter participation by sending out reminders about an upcoming quorum. You can send reminders through email, text or an automated voice message. Let owners know that they can authorize a proxy voter if they are unable to attend the meeting.

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