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Create unique ID badges for each resident

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Design a simple access control system

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Badges can be downloaded or printed

Customize resident ID badges

Management has the option to use a default template from Condo Control, or request changes that will better reflect the association’s brand. Each badge can have its own unique barcode.

Scan and save ID cards

Staff can scan a resident’s driver’s licence or other ID card using a compact scanner. The hardware works with Condo Control’s software to capture and save photos and other identifying information, which can then be used for profiles and badges.

Print badges or save them to a smartphone

Once badges have been created for them, residents can download their IDs to their phone, or print them out, from the unit file. This way, they don’t have to remember to bring a physical card with them in order for staff to authenticate their information.

Verify IDs in seconds

Security can scan a QR code or barcode which pulls up the resident’s profile. Staff can use the information to determine whether to grant the resident access to certain areas or amenities.

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