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Post classified ads online to promote the sale of goods and services within your community

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Upload images to complement classified ads

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Quick search functionality to find relevant ads

Moderate ads

Choose to review and approve all ads that are submitted through the classified ads feature. This reduces the chance of an unsolicited ad being posted in a public setting.

Encourage community engagement

Allowing residents to post classified ads encourages community engagement and promotes a more sustainable environment. Items are resold or recycled, vacant car spaces rented reducing street parking, and services like babysitting or dog walking can be found within your community, reducing the number of visitors entering the building.

No need for other social networks

Why look to other social networks to find products or services that could be found within your own community? Goods and services rendered within your community reduce the logistics of delivery or pick-up and help protect your building from unnecessary damage from strangers to the community.

Convenient access

All residents have quick and easy access to classified ads within the system. They can be viewed from the comfort of their home computer. There is no need to keep an unsightly bulletin board in common areas for residents to congregate around.

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