HOA Violations:When To Get An Attorney Involved

Most homeowners will take the appropriate steps if they’ve broken an HOA rule. But what happens when a resident would rather fight than make things right? If your HOA has ever gotten into a serious dispute with an owner while trying to enforce a rule, this webinar is for you.

During this free Condo Control violations webinar, our panel will look at contentious violation enforcement situations, and talk about when to get an attorney involved. Have your toughest violation enforcement questions ready, or share your most challenging experiences with us.

Join Miryam Scanga, licensed property manager and customer success manager, Brian Bosscher, president of Condo Control and board president, and Stanley Feldsott, a managing partner at Feldsott & Lee and highly qualified community association law attorney, as they talk about the most difficult aspects of rule enforcement.

Key Points :
• The factors that make it more challenging for HOAs to enforce violations
• How far must HOAs go if a violation case becomes contentious
• The appropriate time to get an attorney involved
• And more

More about our guest speaker:

Stanley Feldsott is not only one of the top community association trial attorneys, he was a founding director of the Community Association Institute (CAI), Southern Counties Chapter, and its second president! Stanley is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to HOA disputes and resolutions. We are honored that Stanley has agreed to share his wisdom with us


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