Safeguarding Your Community’s Finances: Strategies for Successful Condo/HOA Reserve Fund Management

The reserve fund is your association’s most important financial asset. Proper funding is critical because state laws may require it, and because a healthy reserve protects members from dangerous accidents or hefty special assessments.  

However, condominiums and HOAs everywhere are struggling to maintain adequate funds due to aggressive inflation. The cost of everything has gone up, including insurance, service fees, and materials. Though cost increases are slowing down, they have not stopped. So how can a condominium community or HOA keep up? Let us look at the strategies you can explore that will help you tactfully manage reserves. We brought together a panel of experts who will help you determine what course of action is the best move for your association.  

Tune in to our on-demand webinar as Louis Orloff, managing director of Reserve Fund Advisers LLC and a Chapter Delegate Member of the CAI’s Florida Legislative Alliance, and Juliette Hunter, a former condominium manager and current licensed Condominium manager talk about new and persistent reserve fund challenges and strategies to help manage community finances with confidence. 

Meet our panelist, Louis Orloff:

Louis Orloff is the managing director of Reserve Fund Advisers LLC, an organization that helps condominium and HOA communities make smarter, long-term financial investments so that they can keep up with rising inflation and costs. Mr. Orloff uses our software to help associations reduce deficits on their terms and enables associations to increase their purchasing power without high-risk actions or complex and time-consuming assessments. With Florida’s new reserve fund requirements taking effect, you cannot afford to miss the information that will be covered in this session.

Our Speakers


You’ll learn about:

  •  What is considered a good or adequate reserve fund?
  •  The top reasons why reserves are not adequately funded. 
  •  Strategies for successful long-term reserve fund management. 
  •  And much more… 

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