Diamondhead Lake is a 351 home HOA located in Dexter, Iowa. Robert Schemmel is the community association manager



Diamondhead Lake is a 351 home HOA located in Dexter, Iowa. Robert "Bob" Schemmel is the community association manager responsible for managing the business side of the lake, including membership accounts, billing, violations, maintenance, and records. Robert Schemmel works for Long Branch Maintenance Corporation and recently completed his first year managing Diamondhead Lake HOA.

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Before implementing Condo Control, the HOA faced several challenges:

Time consuming

A manual system that was time-consuming
and inefficient.

Difficulty in tracking

Difficulty in tracking member information
and history.

A lack of centralized information

A lack of centralized information, leading to uninformed members and disorganized meetings.



Centralized Information

All member data, including history, notes, and previous activities, were now available in one place.


Improved Communication

Before annual meetings, members could access all necessary documents, leading to smoother and more informed discussions.


Increased Efficiency

The HOA experienced a 40% improvement in office efficiency. Tasks that previously required three to four volunteers could now be managed by a single office person.


Time Savings

The HOA saved an estimated four to 5 hours daily, eliminating the need for manual record-keeping and file cabinets.


Cost Reduction

By centralizing information and reducing the need for manual processes, the HOA saw a 10% reduction in office costs. This also led to quicker response times to member inquiries and a 40% reduction in transaction time for members.


Enhanced Collections

With better tracking of member payments, the HOA achieved a 15% decrease in delinquent payments.

Diamondhead HOA’s results using Condo Control


Decrease in delinquent payments


Reduction in cost


Increase in efficiency


Time saved

Support and Training

Condo Control's customer support, especially Rosana, played a pivotal role in helping Bob and his team familiarize themselves with the software. Through training sessions and immediate assistance, the team was able to implement and utilize the software efficiently.


Robert Schemmel highly recommends Condo Control for homeowners associations looking to centralize information, improve communication, and enhance overall efficiency. The software's features, combined with exceptional customer support, have significantly transformed the operations and member experience at Diamondhead Lake HOA.

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