Managing Condo Visitors Made Easy

Managing Condo Visitors Made Easy Whether family members, friends, delivery staff, or repairmen, there is no doubt that condos have a high traffic of visitors throughout the day (and night). Fortunately, the ideal condo management software will provide user-friendly tools to assist residents and visitors in simplifying visitor management. Taking advantage of such tools, can […]

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Property Manager’s Guide: Simplify Security & Concierge Services

Automate Your Condo Security & Concierge Services “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”   Why complicate things with systems that don’t work or have become outdated? Make life safer and easier for both condo residents and security staff with a platform that organizes all concierge services in one place. Many owner and tenants choose a property […]

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When Visitor Parking is a Scarce Resource

This article was first published in Condo Business on Tuesday,December 8,2015. Many condos offer visitor parking as an amenity, but managing it can become a major headache for the board and management. The source of the headaches could be that there aren’t enough spots, figuring out how to fairly allocate spots, preventing the abuse of […]

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Our Newest Feature: Pass-On Logs

This month, we have released a new feature that will allow for better communication amongst your condo’s security & concierge team: the pass-on log.   Pass-on Logs Pass-on logs for the Security & Concierge module allow your security team to send important messages to specific team members or the entire team. Here’s how it works: […]

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Two New Features: Discussion Forums and Key Tracking

This month we’re announcing two new features that have been frequently requested by many of our clients: Online Discussion Forums:   Allows your owners and residents to hold discussions online. Key Tracking: Provides your security guards and property managers with a way to track who has borrowed your keys. This blog post explains each feature in detail. […]

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