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Date Published : Oct-26-2018

Written By : Dale

Lost condo keys are a common problem. At best, they’re a headache, at worst, a security risk. As a result, condo managers are always on the lookout for better key tracking solutions. Replacing keys and locks can be time-consuming and costly. At the very least, it slows things down and can prevent residents from accessing condo amenities.

Why do condo keys get lost?

In a condo environment, loaned keys often end up lost. It happens easily and it happens frequently. Condo keys can go lost for a number of reasons. At their core, many of these problems come down to a lack of key tracking.
Sometimes the borrower will misplace the key. More often they simply forget to return it or they bring it back and the return isn’t properly recorded. As a result, the key is treated as lost.
Condo managers need a way to make sure that keys don’t get lost in the shuffle.

The solution: key tracking software

Using intelligent key tracking software prevents keys from being lost in the shuffle. It improves key record keeping with a detailed, searchable log of who has borrowed particular keys and used them.
Condo Control Central includes key tracking software in the Security and Concierge module.
With this tool, the condo manager, security, or concierge can track:

  • The time and date of key loans and return
  • The name of the individual borrowing the key
  • Notes/Comments about the reason for loaning key
  • Activity reports by key or date range

So you know who had what key and when. As well as why they used it, where it was used, and whether it was returned.
All of this information is in a secure and easily searchable database. As a result, tracking missing keys is fast and painless.

How does condo key tracking software work?

The condo key tracking uses the same user-friendly interface as all of our property management software. That means it communicates across all platforms and channels allowing easy access and searchability for everyone who needs to use it.
The software works by tracking the key at every step.

Checking out the key

Before loaning a key you log into Condo Control Central and open the Security & Concierge system. In there you select the Key Checkout option.
You select the key as well as entering the details of who is checking out the key.
Save the key check out and this information is now tracked with the time and date recorded. The signature tablet prompts the borrower to verify with a signature.
Now you know who has a key, when they checked it out, who loaned them the key, and what it is being used for.

Checking a key back in

When a key is returned you proceed to the Key Checkout menu.
Find the key on the menu and choose the “Check In” option, and add any necessary comments.
The information is now saved with the check in time and details easy to access.

Finding a missing key

When looking for a key return to the Key Checkout menu bd view the Complete Key List. The key details are immediately available, including the details of who has the key.
You can check on the key and it’s activity to easily locate it. It’s that easy.

Other features

In addition to locating and tracking keys, more useful data and actions are available. Users can:

  • Search previous key tracking activity
  • Create a temporary key
  • Delete/return a temporary key
  • Create a permanent key
  • Update a permanent key
  • Delete a permanent key
  • Track an unlimited number of keys
  • Track the security guard who released the keys
  • View identification details that were used to check out the key

Get the best key tracking software for condos

If you’re looking for the best key tracking software for condos, we have you covered. Our system is safe, simple, and reliable. Request a quote today to learn how Condo Control Central is simplifying condo management for you.

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